KARG Educator + Ambassador
Instagram @difazio72

"Passion to the point of exhaustion" - his passion is to fuse hairstyling and all his major interests into innovative fresh techniques for education to get the job done right the first time. 

As a long time highly accomplished educator in the "Boston" city hair game, being a musician from Berklee College of music and a women's selfdefense coach he knows the level in the game to get things accomplished the first time.

At the present time he loves working hard on his cooking skills and advancing his art background to the fullest. The beach is his paradise and Mother nature he visits often.

DiFazio loves to share his knowledge in cutting skills. In-Salon Education is his favorite and he’s done so many that is why he’s such a seasoned hairstylist and educator. Precision based with a twist and easy to follow techniques like it should be.

He now travels with KARG and team educating his passion for cutting hair. DiFazio is part of the US KARG Education Team.


To find out more about DiFazio follow him on Instagram @difazio72

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